December 19th, 2017 | BAHAMAS BOWL


UAB Quotes – December 19, 2017

UAB Offensive Coordinator Les Koenning
How did practice go this morning?
“They came out fairly focused. It took us awhile to get them going, but we don’t let them slack off very much. We got after it, had some spirited practice on the field, accomplished what we needed to do, got off and back to the hotel. They worked hard.”

How important is the passing game going to be with Ohio’s strong rush defense?
“It’s going to be important. We always go into the game with a really good, thought-out passing attack. Spencer gives us an another additive in the backfield that allows us to pound it up in there a couple times just to see how tough people are.”

What are the goals for the next couple of days to get ready for Friday?
“We’re starting into our Thursday preparation, which will be a lot of walk throughs and rehashing the game plan, going over and over by formation, making sure we have everything put in the correct way. We had a lot of work done before we left Birmingham, we’re now reviewing again. Those are things that are very helpful for us. This is a beautiful place, I don’t think their minds are on football 24/7 so we have to get them refocused and ready to go the closer we get to the game.”

Redshirt Senior Offensive Lineman Chris Schleuger
After night one at Atlantis, how did practice go this morning?
“The practice went good. Coach Clark doesn’t want to relax while we’re here. The main thing we’re doing here is to win a football game.”

What are the keys to get ready for Ohio?
“As long as we block where we need to, get hats on people, do what we need to do, take care of the ball, we should be good. Other than that, it’s just wanting it more than they do.”

Did you get any time to enjoy last night?
“Me and a couple kids went out to The Cove beach and hung out by the beach, walked around a bit, saw the sharks by the slide. We’re about to go to the pool now, chill and relax, and have the rest of the day to ourselves.”

How are you balancing getting ready for the game and having some down time?
“When you’re in football time, you’re there to work. When you’re out of it, time to relax, the time is yours. Then when you come back, you have to get your mind back and back in football mode.”

Redshirt Junior Wide Receiver Andre Wilson
How did it feel to get out and practice this morning?
“It felt good. Coach Clark talks about how Atlantis is and to not get distracted because of everything going on around here. We stayed focused. We came down here to win a game and that’s what we’re focused on.”

How was your first night in Atlantis?
“It was fun, real fun. It’s a good experience to be out of the country, this is my first time.”

What are he keys to maintaining your offensive balance?
“Ohio has a good rush defense, they’re preaching that to us every day. They also preach to us that we have to win our one-on-one matchups on the outside. Spencer is very good so of course their plan is to stop him. It’s more opportunities for us [as wide receivers] to go out there and make plays.”

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