December 22nd, 2017 | BAHAMAS BOWL


UAB Postgame Quotes – December 22, 2017

Head Coach Bill Clark
Opening thoughts on the game…
“They ran the ball on us. We had some chances to get off the field and we didn’t. But they did what they do. They ran their quarterback. They broke some tackles. Maybe our depth on the defensive line showed a bit. But give them credit, they ran the ball well. We are disappointed in how many times we got the ball into the red zone and did not get touchdowns.”

On what this game means in the overall season picture…
“This was not our day today. But this won’t take anything away from what this group has done. It was a historic year, our group has set the bar very high for the next UAB teams to come. We need to do a good job of going out recruiting and take the next steps to build depth and be the program we want to be. This is not going to diminish the year at all.”

On what he said to his team aſter the loss…
“It’s tough. This game is not for the timid or the weak. When it’s really important to you it’s going to hurt if it doesn’t go the way you want it to. I want them to know that we love them and care about them. Now we have something to build on. We know what it looks like. We need to get bigger and stronger. Really proud of what year they have had. ”

On the support of the fans…
“You saw our fans stand up and cheer for these guys. I promise you that we wanted to win for the fans and for us. Them showing up for us was great.”

Senior LB Tevin Crews
On the last game of his career…
“It’s hurts a lot – to not go out with a victory. I’m just blessed to be part of a great team with a great coach and a great role model.”

On what UAB has meant to him….
“UAB has given me everything I have. I have a degree and am going to have another degree. I went from a little boy to a grown man.”

On what is next for the future of the UAB program…
“This is a starting point – our first season back. I want to thank the City of Birmingham. We have the best fans in the nation. They marched day and night for us to be here and gave us millions of dollars to be here. We are just thankful. Next year, the plan won’t be come to the bowl game to lose. Coach Clark will have those guys ready to go and whoever they play in the bowl game will feel every bit of it.”

Junior WR Andre Wilson
On surpassing expectations and finishing with an 8-win season…
“It says a lot about the team. Coach Clark preached doing the details right and believing in him. That’s how we got here.”

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