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December 16th, 2021 | BAHAMAS BOWL


Toledo Quotes (Dec. 16)

Co-Offensive Coordinator/OL Coach Mike Hallett
On the week of practice…
“I think we are pretty sharp mentally. You have to make the transition from football in Ohio in December to football in the Bahamas in December. It’s been warmer here that we have had in the last few weeks back home. The guys are in great spirits. It looked like practice on Tuesday was going to be a wash out. But as we got to the practice field the rainbows came, the sun was shining and the blue skies were out. I don’t know how you could ask for more in December.”

On the balance between fun and football…
“We want the guys to enjoy the trip. It’s a beautiful trip. It’s our second time for some of us who have been here before. They need to know how to flip the switch. When it is business hours it’s time to do business and when its free hours you get to be free. I think our guys are handling that well.”

On what Toledo needs to do offensively to be successful…
“We need to run the football well. That relies on the offensive line – making sure they are assignment sound. Also the quarterback making the proper reads. Middle Tennessee does a nice job of creating havoc with their defensive front and linebackers. We need to be on point with getting their guys accounted for in the run game and the pass game. Dequan Finn has gotten better and better each week and is playing at a high level. We think our skill guys are emerging into some really good threats across the board at receiver and tight end. The more guys we can involve in the game early, the better off the game is for us because it makes its hard to identify one guy to key on.”

Junior Offensive Lineman Mitch Berg
On getting adjusted to the warmer weather…
“It was pretty different coming here, especially from Toledo – it was a little colder back home. We are getting adjusted to the heat and getting back into the swing of things. We’ve been flying around and getting our assignments done at a high level.”

On preparations for the game…
“The mantra from our coaches is to come down here and have fun but also remember it is a business trip. Football always come first. That hurt us a little bit last time. We had some guys come down here on vacation. We took a whole different mindset from the guys that have been here and we are trying to get the younger guys to realize that we are here to play football first and have fun second.”

Freshman Quarterback Dequan Finn
On the weather in the Bahamas…
“Coming from Toledo and the cold, windy weather, it feels really good be back in the sun. I can play in all types of weather and all types of elements, but I really enjoy playing in the sun and warmth.”

On his first bowl week experience…
“This is my first bowl game and this was a real-eye opener. Being at the Atlantis is a humbling and grateful experience for me. Being from Detroit, I have not had much and have never seen things like this. Just being out of the country and observing different things is a real blessing for me.”

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