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December 14th, 2021 | BAHAMAS BOWL


Toledo Quotes – Dec. 14, 2021

Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach Vince Kehres
On the first day of practice…
“We had good energy out here. Guys are coming off their trip and were a little sluggish early on but we got them going and got some good work in here. The benefit for us is that we had some extra days to prepare for Middle Tennessee the last couple of weeks so we are not installing anything new. We are just reviewing things we have installed already.”

On the balance between fun and football…
“Coach gave them a little extra time last night to explore. They will be more locked in and focused as we get closer to the game.”

On what Toledo needs to do defensively to be successful…
“We have to tackle on the perimeter. They have a very skilled team and a lot of quickness at receiver. They get the ball out to those guys on the perimeter with screens and jet sweeps. I think the key is being able to eliminate those big plays by leveraging the ball and tackling in the perimeter.”

Senior Linebacker Jonathan Jones
On the first day of practice in the Bahamas…
“Practice was good. We are locked in. This bowl game means a lot to us. We need to get a win. Dudes are going hard. No matter the conditions of the field or how hot it is we are focused.”

On being in the Bahamas…
“I thought we were going to Idaho, so it is great that we are here. Getting to come here is beyond a blessing. I’m looking forward to the beach bash – I heard that is a blast.”

On preparations for the game…
“We need to make sure we follow our keys defensively. We have been watching a lot of film the past few weeks so we have a good understanding on what their game plan might be. We just need to trust our plan and make sure we tackle – that’s a real big key for us.”

Junior Linebacker Dyontae Johnson
On being back in the Bahamas…
“I actually talked to the younger guys before to make sure we are locked in as far as the business aspect of it goes. We need to lock in and pay attention to details. When it is time to lock in, we lock in. I was here my freshman year. It was a great experience and I am happy to be back. Hopefully I can get in there with the dolphins – that looks really cool.

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