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December 15th, 2021 | BAHAMAS BOWL


Toledo Press Conference Quotes – Dec. 15, 2021

Head Coach Jason Candle
Opening statement…
“On behalf of the University of Toledo, our football staff, the athletic department and certainly our players, we are honored to be here in the Bahamas for this football game. We are very humbled by the hospitality and great support we have been shown by the locals here and want to give a quick thanks to the Prime Minister and the tourism department here for all their hospitality. After the past year and a half I don’t think anyone in college athletics has the opportunity to take anything for granted and we certainly do not take this opportunity lightly.”

On the team’s experience in the Bahamas…
“It has been a great week. We have had tremendous weather. As they say – ‘Bowl games are better in the Bahamas,’ and we are experiencing that first hand. We were down here a few years ago and it is a first-class event with a first-class facility at the Atlantis and a once in a lifetime experience for our players. Many of our players will never have the opportunity to leave the country and what a great way to do it at such a very influential time in their life. Any time an 18-to-22-year-old male is able to tell his family and people back home that he had a trip to the Bahamas to play a football game it is an eye-opening experience. This is unlike any bowl game or any experience you can have playing a college football game. This is very unique. You are talking about a 5-star place that people fly in from all over the world to see, and we are blessed and honored to be part of the football game.”

Senior Offensive Lineman Bryce Harris
On his experiences at Atlantis this week…
“I’m a food guy. I enjoy going to the different restaurants and trying different foods. We got challenged by Coach Candle to try new foods so I had lamb chops for the first time and crab cakes for the first time. I enjoyed that. I haven’t gotten into the water yet, but maybe I will get into the water today. It is a great experience. I am loving it.”

On playing his last college football game in the Bahamas…
“This is my seventh year playing college football so it’s definitely about time that I do get out of here. I am soaking it all in – this whole experience. Yesterday was my last full-padded practice so I tried to go as hard as I possibly could. The only way to go out is to go as hard as you possibly can. So I am going to exert as much energy as I possibly can and as much leadership as I possibly can. I’m going to go hard for my teammates and my coaches and try to go out with a bang.”

Senior Safety Tycen Anderson
On being back in the Bahamas…
“Obviously I was here last time so I revisited some of my old places and catching up on some of the new things. I really like going to the water park, the different slides and the lazy river.”

On playing his final college football game in the Bahamas…
“It’s for sure very special. I started college as a 17-year-old kid and I’m 22 now, five years later. Obviously I have a couple more days left. I’ll be a Rocket for life. It’s a little sad knowing that this will be the last time I will put on a Rockets uniform.”

On preparations for the game…
“We need to make sure we follow our keys defensively. We have been watching a lot of film the past few weeks so we have a good understanding on what their game plan might be. We just need to trust our plan and make sure we tackle – that’s a real big key for us.”

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