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December 21st, 2018 | BAHAMAS BOWL


Toledo Postgame Quotes – December 21, 2018

Head Coach Jason Candle
Opening Statement
“We’re not going to let this thing ruin our spirit, ruin our confidence moving forward, but we eventually have to start learning lessons from games like this, whatever those lessons may be. As far as the week goes and the trip goes, it was good for our kids to be out of the country to play a football game in a beautiful place. Like I mentioned before, incredible hospitality from everybody involved in this bowl game. We’re going to say goodbye to 15 really rock solid senior guys who went through a lot during their time here. These guys have given a lot to our program and a lot to the Rockets. My hat’s off to them.”

On what he’ll take away from the year…
“Obviously, it’s been an up-and-down year. It’s had its highlights, and it’s had its moments that weren’t so good. Consistency is everything in college football. We were a couple of plays away in every game. You have to really consistent and you have to be really good at what you do over the long haul. And at time this year, I don’t think we handled that very well. There was a lot good, a lot bad, and lot of things we got to work on to get better.”

On FIU’s final drive that sealed the game…
“We didn’t tackle them. I’d have to go back and look at the video tape and tell you exactly what’s wrong. You pick up a fourth down there and you’re getting stops, we just don’t get the guy tackled and get him on the ground. There it is. That’s the story.”

On playing against Christian Alexander at QB instead of James Morgan…
“You’re not going to totally change your plan based on a quarterback decision that’s made a day before the game. Obviously, we saw the hit in the last game and had some questions about whether he was playing or not. Give the kid credit. He came in and led his team and put them in some positions to be successful and didn’t play out of character.”

On missed opportunities throughout the game…
“Those things happen through the course of the game. Bryant [Koback] does not put the ball on the ground very often, if ever. It’s a tough play, one that you can’t take back. You wish you had a score there. I’m sure on the opening kickoff of the game, their guy would love to have that ball back, too.”

Wide Receiver Cody Thompson
On exiting the field for the last time…
“I don’t know how to say it. I’m still kind of soaking it all in. It’s going to be tough never being able to put on a Toledo Rocket jersey again. I left it all out on the field tonight. I know I didn’t play my best game ever, but I know I left it out there for these guys. It’s tough, but it’s been an amazing ride here. I wouldn’t change anything about my story. It’s kind of shaped me to who I am today. These amazing coaches and staff have been amazing. I just thank them for everything they’ve done from me.”

Linebacker Richard Olekanma
On exiting the field for the last time…
“It was emotional. It’s been a great four or five years. It didn’t go the way we wanted, but we learned a lot of lessons along the way. The staff has been incredible. My teammates have been incredible. You hope that the lessons we had to go through this season can help them in their next season and the future.”

On the defense not being able to get the ball back to their offense late in the game…
“Yea, it’s disappointing. You want to get off the field and get another chance, but it is what it is.”

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