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December 19th, 2018 | BAHAMAS BOWL


Quotes from Ranfurly Homes and Youth Football Clinic, Sponsored by KFC

Quotes from Visit to Ranfurly Homes

Ranfurly Homes Assistant Administrator Princess Burrows
On what it’s like to have FIU and Toledo visit Ranfurly Homes …
“Well, this is a great experience, and the children look forward for it every year – to the clinic; to the game on [December 21]. We’re so delighted that they are able to experience it all with the players, to connect with the players.”

FIU Redshirt Junior Long Snapper Johnathon Scandrett
On getting to interact with local kids from the Bahamas…
“I mean it’s great. It’s just a blessing to be able to be here coming from FIU. I think it’ll be great for the kids. Being from the Bahamas their not really used to American football. It’s going to be great to teach them the fundamentals of the game.”

Toledo Junior Defensive Tackle Willie Ross
On spending time with the kids at Ranfurly Homes …
“I worked with kids with special needs, I’m a coach for a Special Olympics team. I know how it is to work with individuals who are going through a hard time. It’s not that you need to go through a hard time for me to just spend time with you. I just want to say, ‘hi, hello, how are you doing,’ and help make everyone smile.”

Quotes from the Youth Football Clinic, Sponsored by KFC

Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl Honorary Ambassador Ed Smith
On the Youth Football Clinic, sponsored by KFC …
“It’s a great opportunity for the exposure of the game itself. I’m really excited. Football is something I enjoyed playing for a very long time. My son played. To see an actual bowl game in the Bahamas definitely is a great opportunity for the youngsters to get involved with it. First they’re going to see if from a spectator standpoint. To do it as a participant, I think it’s one of the greatest sports going, and I want to see it continue to grow in the Bahamas.

On the possibility for football to grow in the Bahamas …
There’s a lot of possibilities, endless possibilities. Football is about speed, agility, quickness and all those come into play. It’s already documented, we’ve seen over the years what has happened in all the different sports. Track and field with Bahamian participation, and basketball, putting players in the NBA that represent some attachment to the Bahamas. I can see football becoming more and more popular in the Bahamas. The bowl game is one of those things that kids can come out and see the game and say, ‘wow, that is something I would really like to get involved with.'”

Columbus High School (Fla.) Head Football Coach Chris Merritt
On the Youth Football Clinic, sponsored by KFC …
“Obviously, if you look at the numbers, the numbers keep on increasing every year. This is the fourth year in a row I’ve had the opportunity to come do this. There are a lot of kids out there, so hopefully the sport is continuing to grow in the Bahamas.”

On the impact he’s seen on the kids and community after being here four years …
“The sport is picking up. It’s becoming more popular. I know flag football has picked up a lot more, and the participation numbers are up. We are excited to see the sport continue to grow in this country now that the [Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl] is here, too.”

On what to expect during the clinic …
“I expect a great time for the kids. I think the players are going to realize that there is football outside of our country, which I think a lot of them don’t realize exists, and there will be a lot of interaction between some older football players and some younger football players.”

On what the kids will walk away with…
“We want to start off by getting them in a football stance, teaching them how to get into a stance. Then we’re going to teach them how to throw a football, because throwing a football is a lot different than what they have been growing up doing. Then we’re going to teach them some of the drills, what we call the combine drills. Then we’ll have some fun at the end. Since the NFL has loosened up their post-touchdown celebrations, we’re going to embrace that and let the kids compete a little with a touchdown dance at the end.”

Toledo Junior Quarterback Mitchell Guadagni
On the Youth Football Clinic, sponsored by KFC …
“It’s awesome. I think there’s a lot of talent here. It’s awesome that they have an opportunity to play some football and get coached up by some great coaches. It’s awesome being here.”

On being in the Bahamas…
“I’ve never been outside the country. I think it’s an awesome experience to see how everyone else lives and experience other cultures and other countries. It’s awesome being here and being able to experience all this.”

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