August 27th, 2014 | BAHAMAS BOWL


Media and fans respond to the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl announcement

We knew that adding Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen to a college football bowl game in the Bahamas would be magic, but we didn’t know how much spice would be added to a game that will be played in an exotic locale this December in Nassau.

We found out just how many fans of Popeyes there are out there, and it was once again proven that college football and fried chicken go together wonderfully.

Here is the first day of the newly minted Popeyes Bahamas Bowl on August 26 in stories and social media posts.

At 10 a.m. ET, we let the world know that we are now the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl:

Almost immediately, social media took hold. Ralph Russo, who covers college football for The Associated Press, had one of the best responses:

Popeyes joined the party moments later:

CBS Sports said the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl got a “dash of cajun spicing“.

Then, we saw one of the graphics of the day in this story from SB Nation’s Rodger Sherman, that simply said in part, “Popeyes is delicious. College football is delicious.

The graphic in question — a Photoshop-enhanced Getty Images photo — well, it was inspired. No, the footballs used in Nassau this coming December won’t look like these, but if you are told to watch the ball into your hands as a receiver, it is much easier if you envision your hands wrapping around a box of Popeyes.

Popeyes Box SB Nation

Sports Illustrated weighed in, using a view that teams from Conference USA & the MAC will get used to during their week in the Bahamas before the December 24 game. Once fans around college football found the stories and the Tweets, we were flooded with comments. A sampling from fans:

But, we came across love for Popeyes from our friends at ESPN, who will broadcast the game live at noon ET on December 24 on ESPN and carried on ESPN Radio.

Michael Smith, one half of the “Numbers Never Lie” show and a New Orleans native, and Wright Thompson, one of ESPN’s best-known writers who spent time in New Orleans with the New Orleans Times-Picayune, have more in common than just an employer and a love for all things Big Easy. Both, along with Smith’s co-host on NNL, Jemele Hill, have a strong affinity for Popeyes — to put it mildly. What ensued might just lead to a epic contest in the Bahamas. First, from Thompson:

While Smith & Hill were taping their NNL show, they came across our announcement during a commercial break:

We, of course, told them they were welcome to come to cover the game in the Bahamas:

Well, Thompson upped the ante:

Suddenly, we had a potential contest between these three football and chicken fans:

Hill got her two cents in:

Ultimately, Smith and Hill did their very popular “His & Hers” podcast for ESPN Radio later in the day, and the topic of the show was the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl (you can click here to listen):

We thank everyone who contributed to the discussion on Twitter. Remember, on Twitter you can follow us at @TheBahamasBowl and Popeyes at @PopeyesChicken. You can visit Popeyes on the web at

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