December 21st, 2016 | BAHAMAS BOWL


Eastern Michigan Quotes – December 21, 2016

Neal Neathery – Defensive Coordinator

On Practice:
“It’s been great. It’s been a good mix of having fun when we are supposed to have fun and going to work when it’s time to go to work. We’ve had good practices. I think the guys are really enjoying themselves.”

On how to install a game plan over a long period of time:
“We took a few extra days at the front end. It only takes X number of hours to plan for a game. So having more is a bit of a challenge in that you have to sustain where you are at for a week and a half after you have already prepared. You must be careful to not try to do too much.”

DaQuan Pace – Defensive Back

On Practice:
“Our whole plan from the get-go was to go to the Bahamas and keep the focus that we have when we are at home. Being here is a great experience and it is a great opportunity to play here. The weather is beautiful.”

On the progress of the program in the past 4 years:
“I would trade my experience (at EMU) for the world. I love our guys. Coming from where we were four years ago to where we are now has been a great transition. It’s showing from all the hard work we have put in.”

On the experience with the community service Wednesday afternoon:
“It means a lot to us. To be able to give the younger kids a great experience. To show them what we do and where we come from and how it’s nice to help other people and being there for them is great to do.”

Pat O’Connor – Defensive Line

On Practice:
“It’s pretty difficult at first to transition from the cold to the heat. You need to pace yourself better, catch your wind and set a tone that you need to be successful in practice.”

On balancing business and pleasure:
“You need to surround yourself with the guys. Keep a level head that everything we are doing is for a bigger purpose, to win a bowl game. We came here to have fun, but we are trying to set a good example for everyone.”

On playing one final game with his senior defensive line teammates:
“It’s bittersweet. I’ve been around for a while. It’s about time for some other guys to start making a name for themselves and to step it up and put their stamp on the program. I’ve been here for five years and have done it at the highest level that I could and I’m grateful for every opportunity that I’ve had.”

On the afternoon Community Service project:
“It’s going to mean a lot. Giving back to people that aren’t used to seeing football players will be fun. Making them happy and interacting with them is going to be something I’ll never forget.”

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