December 20th, 2016 | BAHAMAS BOWL


Eastern Michigan Quotes – December 20, 2016

Kalen DeBoer – Offensive Coordinator
On Practice: 
“It’s fun. We have a beautiful day, a beautiful field. Our guys gave a great effort. It’s a great day.”

On how to install a game plan over a long period of time:
“That’s a great question because you can forget the fine details. This morning we were talking about what we saw the first day we clicked on the film, because your game plan is based on what we saw those first two or three days we watched film.”

How does the humidity effect the QBs/WRs handing the football:
“I think its different than where we’ve been. There’s a little stickiness to it. Actually, I think it’s a little bit easier. It’s not anything we are concerned about. We have an experienced group. They will adjust.”

On being in a foreign country:
“They are maybe not quite as focused as they need to be today, but the thing about our team right now is that we have enough veterans and this is important to them. I have no concerns at all that tomorrow will be a much better practice. They will enjoy themselves today. They know that we are here to win a football game and every day will be better leading up to Friday’s game.”

Brogan Roback – Quarterback
On Practice:
“It is beautiful here. We are practicing in paradise. The stadium is awesome. The field is awesome. Just getting back out here in the warm weather is different. We are used to the cold weather in Michigan, so we are getting used to that and staying hydrated. We have a lot to get through before the game and we will. We are cleaning up a few things, but mentally our guys are in it.”

On adjusting from the cold weather in Michigan to the warm weather of the Bahamas:
“It’s a mindset that we have been preparing for. Staying hydrated and doing those things. Like I said, we can’t complain – it’s beautiful out here. It smells like football out here.”


Andrew Wylie – Offensive Line
On practice: 
“The heat wasn’t bad. It took a little while to get used to. Obviously we are hydrating more. It feels good though. You come out here and you are already warm. The joints are loose.”

On what the experience has been like:
“It’s been hectic. We had a few hours to ourselves last night, which was nice. But overall it’s been hectic.”

On playing one final game with his senior offensive line teammates:
“It’s going to be a blast. We are going to give it all we’ve got. It’s our last time together, all four of us, the seniors. We are going to fly around, have fun and hit some people. It’s going to be great.”

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